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Powers of Light:

Shield of Faith:
Weaving the keyblade in a short circular pattern, the bearer leaves a trail of blazing energy which deflects incoming projectiles and wards enemy magic. This is a reactive ability and requires extremely quick reflexes to pull off.

When surrounded by enemies with little fear of collateral damage, the bearer can charge energy into the keyblade before leaping into the air and hurling his weapon to the ground. There it detonates to do massive damage and reforms moments later once more in the key bearer’s grip. This technique takes a few moments to charge and leaves the bearer unarmed for a few more.

The Keybearer plants his keyblade into the ground at his feet and kneels before it. Uttering a constant prayer to the light, his keyblade puts forth a barrier impervious to all but the most powerful of enemy blows and spells. This is a difficult spell to master and difficult to maintain. In addition it is not without risks, for the slightest lapse in focus can leave an effectively immobilized Keybearer vulnerable to attack.

Smiting Lance:
The keyblade glows with focused energy before being discharged in a beam of pure light. Creatures of the dark find such attacks devastating, and others likewise will sustain heavy damage. The focused nature of this attack and the required cooldown mean it cannot be used in succession and is unsuitable for combat against numerous opponents.

Powers of Darkness:

Vortex of Shadows:
The Keybearer unlocks a portal to the Realm of Darkness, which sucks any and all nearby into whatever grim fate may await them there. Though it holds no true peril for the Heartless, it is an effective means of quickly banishing them from the Realm of Light. The drawbacks however, are dire. No means of control exists, meaning even allies and the caster himself can succumb. Further, if control of the vortex is lost, it can actually allow more denizens of the dark to manifest.

Dark Aura:
The Keybearer focuses his hate and rage into a series of quick blasts of dark energy. These can be directed to a single target or dispersed across numerous foes. Each blast does small damage, but this technique is easy to use at a moments notice and easy to incorporate into sword combos. It is a favourite of beginners and veterans alike, but becomes of limited use against more resilient enemies.

Cloak of False Sight:
The Dark equivalent of Sanctuary, the Keybearer envelops himself in darkness rendering himself invisible to standard sight. With focus and training, he can even hide himself from other practitioners of the Dark Arts, but renders himself unable to attack. Like all defences, this is not infallible and the Nobodies in particular seem somehow able to pierce the cloak easier than others.

Puppet Wielder:
Even the smallest chink in the heart’s armour will allow the Keybearer to gain a foothold on the enemy’s defences. From here he can begin to whittle away the foe’s own will and fortitude, eventually gaining complete control of the darkness within their heart and bending it to the Keybearer’s will. This requires a great deal of time and focus, and as such is only attempted by the most confident of Dark Wielders.

Keyblade Special Techniques:

Strike Raid:
With practice and focus, the Keybearer can throw his keyblade into the enemy ranks, guiding it in a wide arc before it returns to his grip. This technique is useful for striking distant opponents but leaves him vulnerable to close quarter retaliation.

Fever Pitch:
Inducing himself with a rush of magic fuelled adrenalin, the Keybearer becomes a blur of flickering motion too fast for eyes to track. He unleashes a flurry of blows upon his opponent from seemingly all sides at once. Though this ability is definitely useful, it quickly exhausts stamina and thus cannot be overused.

Critical Strike:
Similar to the fever pitch, the Keybearer infuses himself with a burst of energy, only instead of dividing it among a flurry of lesser strikes, he infuses all of his strength into one telling blow. Especially powerful Keybearers can even cause small shockwaves that stun nearby enemies. The Keybearer remains vulnerable for a few moments before and after the strike, so timing is critical.

Arguably the keyblade’s most powerful ability is to release captive hearts and scatter them to the dark. However, with the right mindset and enough strength, a Keybearer can also release the heart and soul from a still living being, effectively rendering them fodder for the heartless and the dark realm. Such a brutal act requires utter conviction and callousness, for to falter even momentarily will result in feedback and subsequently catastrophic damage. The Keybearer impales the victim on the tip of their blade, not a physical wound but rather a spiritual one in which the elements of mind heart and body are separated over the course of a few moments or sometimes even a minute if the individual is strong.


Fire/Ice/Lightning: (Choose ONE)
The Keybearer wreathes their blade in flames, frost or electric currents, inflicting elemental based damage in addition to their standard blade attacks. This can be effective against most mortal opponents, but will give no specific benefits against supernatural creatures like Heartless or Nobodies. A spell cannot be maintained for more than a few moments.

The Keybearer wreathes themselves in a small localized whirlwind. In addition to deflecting light attacks this has the effect of making him lighter on his feet. Though easier to maintain than other magic, this will not last beyond a minute at best.

With built up energy, the Keybearer strikes the ground with his keyblade, causing the earth to rupture and split beneath the feet of his enemies. Jagged rock will erupt from the ground and scatter opponents from their feet. This spell requires that the foe be somehow earthbound, as an agile foe will be able to leap clear in time. Therefore it becomes ideal for larger heavy opponents.

The Keybearer can envelop his foe in a magic field that can be attuned to either attract or repel. This spell does no actual damage, but is useful for escaping a tight situation or pinning down an elusive foe. The focused nature of the spell makes it difficult to capture a foe in swirling melee, but it is good for isolating lone creatures. As with all magic, it can be resisted and cannot be maintained indefinitely.

Choosing Abilities:
First, you must choose a Keybearer path and a temple to follow. Then make your decisions as follows:


Warrior: Choose TWO Keyblade Techniques.

Guardian: Choose ONE Keyblade Technique and ONE Magic Spell.

Mystic: Choose TWO Magic Spells.


Temple of Light: Choose TWO Powers of Light.

Temple of Darkness: Choose TWO Powers of Darkness.

Temple of Balance: Choose ONE Power of Light and ONE Power of Darkness.

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