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Default The Keybearers (ooc)

A Brief Overview:
The world is composed of three realms, being those of Light, Darkness and Nothing. The three exist in balance, and though for the most part this balance is sustained by the natural order of things, it is inevitable that every so often one or more realms will seek dominion of the others.
The realm of light is not one entire realm, but rather a series of smaller worlds each one with its own natural laws and civilizations. They exist largely independent and unaware of each other, separated by the vast expanses of the Realm of Darkness. It can be likened in a way to an ocean littered with islands or a night sky dotted with stars. Only a few chosen and powerful individuals have the means to travel between worlds, and foremost among these are the Key Bearers.
A living being inhabiting the realm of light is composed of a heart, mind and body. Only in unison can these three elements give rise to a human life, and loss of one results in death or a similarly undesirable fate. The body, simply enough, forms the physical vessel for the more incorporeal elements of heart and mind. The mind gives a human their sentience and their free will. From the heart a human draws their power and strength, but as well as being a source of power, it is also a source of weakness. For the heart is also the origin of all desire and it is this that the denizens of darkness seek to exploit.
To those with enough strength to control it, the Darkness can be a powerful tool. But even the greatest cannot resist its predations indefinitely...

The various worlds consisting the Realm of Light are a loose collection of smaller worlds floating isolated within the cosmos. Theoretically it could be argued that these all exist within the same universe, however the vast distances required to travel between them make voyages through the realm of darkness infinitely preferable to conventional travel. Travel is a high risk venture, and as such only the key bearers themselves are permitted to travel between worlds. Indeed such is this restriction maintained that in many of these worlds utter secrecy is enforced and the inhabitants dwell in ignorance of the true scope of things.

For the most part, worlds relatively close to each other fall under the jurisdiction of one or more Key Bearer Temples. There are three main temples, each holding sway over a number of smaller temples spread throughout the regions of their domain. The three main Disciplines are as follows:

Temple of Light:
Here are found the strictest adherents to the Path of Light. They hold that personal desire and ambition should be set aside and all goals should focus upon the betterment of others. They lead a life of the strictest discipline and constant training and meditation. Though they have the most proactive approach to maintaining the dominance of the Realm of Light, their often harsh means of dealing with even slight deviations from the path mean they are viewed almost with an air of fear, even by those under their protection.
In battle, the Wielders of the Light are ferocious in attack and spare virtually no regard for their own defence. What magic they deign to use is oriented towards protection and restoration rather than attack. They will go to any means necessary to preserve the lives of others above their own.

Temple of Darkness:
Here is found the stark contrast to the practitioners of Light. These brave individuals pit their very hearts and souls against the allure of the Dark Realm in an attempt to bend it to their will. Wielders of the Dark Arts are among the most dangerous individuals ever to take up a keyblade, for if they succumb to the draw of darkness there is little to stop them from wreaking devastation and despair upon an ill prepared world to slake their newfound desires. Few will seek this path, and fewer still will ever truly master its power. In stark contrast to the selfless nature of the Path of Light, The Path of Darkness teaches that strength comes from passion and raw emotion. Hate and Rage are transformed into weapons of focus and power.
In battle, Wielders of Darkness unleash destructive magic and favour cautious offense over the brash nature of the Light Wielders. They will exploit any weakness and use any means necessary to achieve their goal. The predominant mindset is that despite the primary goal of protecting others, sacrifices will be made without hesitation if deemed necessary.

Temple of Balance:
Viewed in equal measure as both the easiest and also the most dangerous path to follow, The Temple of Balance attempts to combine the strengths of Light and Dark. Often viewed as weaker by the other two due to their supposed inability to stay true to either other path, the disciples of Balance nonetheless carry themselves with the same sense of duty as the other two, seeking to maintain order and the stability of the Realm of Light. It is well noted however that the Temple of Balance has the highest rate of failure, as few have the ability to wield Light and Darkness without favouring one over the other.
In battle, Wielders of Balance are unpredictable as their nature leaves them open to almost any form of attack or defence. Nothing is beyond their potential and they exploit their wider knowledge to its fullest.

The Keyblades:
Keyblades are mystic weapons that transcend the boundaries and natural laws of the various worlds. Little is known of their origins beyond the fact that they are artificial constructs and possess a limited sentience. Theories abound regarding this, but for the most part they are simply viewed as the tools of the chosen, empowering the key bearers to perform their sacred task. The keyblades themselves seem to defy all attempt at classification and understanding, and some mythologies claim that even gods have been felled by their power. They are linked intricately to their wielder, and occupy a hidden piece of the bearer’s soul until drawn, where they will materialize in the bearer’s hand with a flash of light or a shroud of darkness.
A keyblade generally comes into possession of its chosen wielder when the chosen is of a young age. A child may be marked or chosen without realizing it, and go through until young adulthood before their keyblade finally manifests. Others will wield it straight from the beginning. Regardless of when, all key bearers will inevitably come to the attention of the nearest temple and inducted into the ranks of their novices. All three temples will teach to fundamentals of the keyblade, at which point the student or teacher will decide which path holds the most merit.
Keyblades work by attuning themselves to the Heart of the wielder, and so as a key bearer’s Heart grows in strength, so too will their ability and power. If their Heart should succumb to the Darkness or be conquered by another, the keyblade will also become subject to the will of its captor. In this manner, rogue key bearers are often hunted by their loyalist kin and eliminated, their keyblades captured and returned to the keyblade graveyard. It is considered a great dishonour for any Keybearer to carry a blade not his any longer than necessary. In addition to being powerful weapons and vessels of magic energy, keyblades also allow the bearer to unlock the hidden pathways through the realm of Darkness and travel between worlds.
The nature and appearance of a keyblade are dependant on the unknowable designs of its original creator, and as such will often resemble the personality and style of their wielder.

The Heartless:
These beings are the embodiment of darkness, formed from the hearts of those lost to the Dark. They are devoid of emotion, and act on an instinctual level driven only by the need to capture more hearts. They are drawn to the Hate and Rage of mortals, seeking to prey upon the darkness inherent in weak hearts and force their way into the realm of light. They are the most common foes of the key bearers, and range from hordes of weak Shadows to the more fearsome Darksides and insidious Possessors.

The Nobodies:
Occasionally, a being who loses their Heart to the Darkness will be of strong mind and fortitude, to such a point that they will continue to exist in some form or another. Most will linger as disembodies spirits, devoid of ambition and emotion and lamenting memories that no longer mean a thing. A few however, will prove to be the equal of most key bearers in power and ambition if not stronger, though being without hearts makes the source of their power a mystery. It is solely for this reason that the existence of the third realm is theorized, but as yet the existence of “Nothing” remains unconfirmed.

1: There will be no godmodding, despite the fact that these characters will be able to achieve very impressive feats. Keep in mind that the opponents you will face are of a similarly impressive nature. You will not have control of another player’s character nor any NPC’s unless I allow it.
2: You will have the potential to develop new skills beyond what you begin with, however based on the pace of this Rp the process may take longer or happen quickly. I will ask for your patience in this regard.
3: I am asking for a reasonably high post quality for this. Admittedly there is little to go on at the moment, but as the plot thickens it should be easier to make longer and more intricate posts.

Character sheets:

Name: These can be as diverse as you like, remember key bearers originate from all manner of worlds.

Age: Anywhere between sixteen and mid twenties is fine.

Gender: Are you a male or female?

Personality: What kind of person are you?

Description: I want to know how tall you are, whether you are well built or lean or whatever, any particular features, eye and hair colours, your preferred style of clothing and whatnot. Again, no real limits as diversity is likely.

Armour Class: Do you wear Light Armour, Medium Armour or Heavy Armour?
Background: Include some backstory of your early childhood, your homeworld, your discovery of your Keyblade and early interactions with whichever temple found you, and whichever temple you then joined. Remember there are a wide range of worlds under hidden sway of the Key Bearer Temples, so you can come from a highly technological world, a primitive feudal society, or anything in between.

Your Keyblade: Detail the name and appearance of your keyblade, is it a long reaching or short bladed weapon, what does it resemble and how do you use it?
Combat Techniques and Abilities: Give a brief outline of your preferred fighting style, then choose from one of the special abilities listed below.

--- --- ---

The next post will detail specifics regarding the abilities involved in the differing paths.

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