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Default Need help with entropic decay and rust effects

All my armies are part of the Ordo Sepulturum, even my Necrons that I'm working on right now.

The problem I've having is with the effect I'm looking for. We all know what happens if you put too much plastic glue on plastic, it starts to melt and if you try to wipe it off you get this griny rough plastic. This is what I'd like to do but on a much larger scale. Problem is I dont exactly want to dip my models in plastic glue to achieve this effect, it would be too expensive and unpredictable.

I've seen a picture of a Rhino that someone did something similar to, it look really messed up and nurgly but there had been no greenstuff or anything added to it, it had just received a treatment of something and then wiped off.
I've tried finding it again but not matter how hard I try I just can't figure out where I saw it, I know it was when browsing google pictures looking for something else.

So does anyone have any idea on how to do this without using plastic glue? Would an acetone dip work? I'd prefer something less toxic if possible.
Maybe someone knows the messed up rhino I'm talking about and could provide a link?

Also what are those drillbits called that makes flat holes? I'd like to get some for my magnetisations. I mean they make the bottom flat instead of like a rounded dent.
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