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Originally Posted by MadCowCrazy View Post
Well, this can't be true if there are a million worlds in the imperium but only 50k sisters of battle

In the least there has to be millions if not billions. At the very least every world with a billion or more guardsmen has to have a few hundred thousand SoB.

I think the developers can't do math basically. They've forgotten how big the 40k universe really is and how many planets the imperium of man occupy. I believe I've read somewhere that the Sisters defend Ecclisarchy churches and important places, the Ecclesiarchy are also amongst the first on new worlds occupied by humans. Even if there was just a single battle sister on each world with some Ecclesiarichal presence there should be hundreds of thousands of SoB.
I think your forgetting just how derp the math skills of GW are, for instance in wars involving millions of combatants on any given world a single marine would have to kill around 1000 people in each battle to contribute anything to the endless waves of city crushing tanks or billion strong waves of gaunts.
SoB are just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to this mathematical failing.

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