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I know of a player whom uses a black templars template if you like (as I cantthink of a better metaphor) that is a very sucsessfull army. Now I know the fluff and stuff doesnt exactly fit but instead of whining and getting narked about something that GW may never fix play it as a alternative or look for something different as a angle to play. Not only is is for a SoB army effective but he had also included bikes and runs a pentient engine as a dread.

If I find pictures of the bikes he uses its the old VOID bikers converted with the fleur de lys emblem on the front carapace two low mounted bolters painted gloss black with a sister riding upon them weilding swords. It sounds very anime and thats indeed how it looks but hell take GW's ball and run with it and have a better time than some anal GW suit bitching about loosing profit margins.

After squats I do intend on making a SoB army to test ouf my skills. But it doesnt mean that ill use GW's rules (when ever do I )
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