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Icon 1750 blood angel DOA fun list

Just wondering if anyone could provide any pointers on this list, it works quite well but is still far from the all conquering red army of death I wish it was, only times I tend to have problems is by the old drip feed of death, but its an outrageosly good fun army to use
Sanguinor 275

Sanguinary guard w/2 power fist 220
Sanguinary priest w/jump pack

3x10 man assault squad w/ power fist 225pts each
10 man tactical squad w/plasma gun, sergeant has storm bolter 183
All troops divided into combat squads

Fast attack
Vanguard veteran squad w/ jump packs, sergeant has power fist 175

Heavy support
Devastator squad w/ 3missile launchers and lascannon 145

Total 1748

When evil seeks to overcome good
And firepower ovecomes the spoken word
Then death shall rain from the sky on wings of blood
And retribution will be swift
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