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Originally Posted by Warpath View Post
Just had a good read/look through this and its a great project so far. I noticed this post about freehand and just wanted to try an help! I find that when painting symbols, chapter badges etc instead of just going all out and painting the fine lines (like the eagle you did) make a block shape and then using your background colour go over the block shape to add the finer details. Hope this helps with the freehand?
Thank you. It's a good advice... I'll take it and try something out..

Midge: Well... It was two small table lights and their for a bit black.
However with proper light sources I don't have to go and buy myself a new system camera for $$$$... now I can spend them at tools and minis... *yeay* But thanx for the comment of the Deathmark. Appreciate the comments as always.

Things I'd like to do better (in no special order):
- Glowing eyes... how cool isn't that?
- Urban basing... There are so many ways to do this cool.
- Freehand texting... It can always get smaller...
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