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Originally Posted by AAAAAAAAARRRGGHH View Post
Hate to spoil everyones guessing attempt but:


From the DE FAQ:

So, if you make them run off the table, you get a pain token (seeing as the BRB says they count as destroyed when falling off the table).
Although with Tim/Steve's example I would only give the token to the unit causing them to flee. If they fled due to panic caused by multiple units shooting, I would just roll a dice to see who gets the token. Giving it to them all seems like cheating.

Nice! You told them all, at Once !

As a Dark Eldar Player, this was news to me, dont know how I missed it, since Im vigourously reading the Codex/BRB/FAQ each time im at the crapper, but this eluded me,

Thanks for enlightining me, danish dude !

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