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Here is the follow up for those that didn't check out Faeit 212
A few days back a greek newspaper article published a rather unflattering article. According to the journalist that wrote the piece, in this hobby we are all Nazi's, Racist, and complete idiots, at least that is what you get from this article.

I spent quite a bit of time with this for the last few days, and have been to the papers website. They do have an english version of the site. From there you can contact the editor directly.

Here is the full article on Faeit 212 if you missed it from Tuesdays posts.

One thing I found funny, is that they did not publish the article on their english site, probably due to them not wanting the criticism and backlash of english readers. Also there were issues sending sending in emails to the editor right from the start. I am hoping it was due to far too many emails, but it is hard to really say how many of us bloggers really took up the issue and sent in emails.

I have recieved a lot of emails on this, especially from hobbyist in Greece, and I think this is a subject that should not be forgotten so easily. Please if have not done so, email the editor a quick response, or post up a quick article about what happened if you have a blog. Here are the links and the GW response.

A response from Games Workshop
"Hi Lefteris
Thanks for the email, we have passed this on to our Legal department.
Thanks for bring this to our attention."

From Relic via Winston
A partner of GW is bringing attention to this. The guys over at Relic (http://www.facebook.com/SpaceMarine)are featuring this railroad job.

blog by the Antipope (featured on the front of the article)

My post on the subject with an english translation and comments

Link to the newspaper (look for the english button) There is a Contact the Editor form

Emails to reach the editor/newpaper
[email protected]
[email protected]

Here is the blog from the guy on the picture in the newspaper, I'd be pissed if it was me. Wouldn't there be grounds for slandering? Would you get away with an article about people who worship Hitler and have a picture of say Obama on the cover?

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