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That has got to be the worst piece of journalism i have ever seen in my life, coming from a student in journalism and multimedia. It is totally inaccurate, libelous and just hatemongering. I have sent an email to the editor, expressing my concerns, and i have also emailed GW's corporate department about it. For once, i would like to see GW's legal hammer brought down on this newspaper. You would swear that the Neo-Nazis recruit straight out of GW shops reading this article. This "journalist" in the newspaper seems to be creating a sensational story to distract from the economic realities in greece, propaganda comes to mind.

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Keep in mind you are arguing "realism" about an army of genetically-altered supermen that are able to shrug off rocket propelled explosive bullets because someone is waving around a cup full of blood that reminds them of their long lost Super Daddy that was killed by there Extra Special-Super Uncle.
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