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Yeah he went 3 squads of warriors and a lord w/ destroyer body+resiorb, and a lord w/ resi orb, and a wraith.

Basically my broodlord and genestealers got killed in te first turn, but his wraith went down in the first combat. (tried to take on warriors. Wounded one to 2 wounds.) swarmlord battled destroyer lord and killed it ( was helped by gaunt squad.) then killed a whole squad of warriors before being shot down by his all his remaining units, 16 unit gaunt squad died about turn 4 or five in combat with 2 squads of necron warriors and a lord, backed up by the warrior squad. The doom of malan'ti took afew out but was killed. In the ends I surrendered with a remaining instinctive gaunts (4). It was a solid strategy, but was foiled by the lucky shooting, be because the swarmlord would have killed the other squad if it got into combat, which would have been next turn. Anyway it was an enjoyable and close game.

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