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Tyranid tactics Vs necrons.

Hello. I am orathis. I posted on the welcome thread. Anyway, I joined mainly because me and my friend are going to be playing each other tomorrow at our local GW, and I need help. He is playing necrons, and I am a tyranid player. I want to ask how to use my 'nids effectively in order to get the upper hand. The game is 1000 points, most probably annihilation or seize ground. Maybe both if we have time, so I would like two army's and tactics based on what I have and what he has that I know he will defiantly have. So, lets get on with it then.

My army (any upgrades and/or different weapons are aloud.):

30 termagants
8 hormagaunts
28 genestealers
3 warriors
1 hive tyrant (I may not be allowed to use it as it's in ba shape)
1 carnifex (I'm open to any way of using it dakkafex or any other combination.)
2 zoanthropes
2 lictors (again may not be able to use as currently unassembled.)
3 rippers ( if I can find them)
1 mycettic spore ( home made, bad quality)
1 biovore

My friends army ( that he is practically guaranteed to take)
Necron lord with destroyer body + resi orb
A number of warriors.
Possibly a tomb spyder
A number of scarabs.

Please note he may take extra things, but will 99% take these

Any and all help will be very much apricated, thank you.
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