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Okay so their first "proper" battle over and what can I say.... a resounding defeat. Utterly crushed by the flipping Necrons. A lot of it my own fault. I didn't take anywhere near enough heavy support. Two Tactical squads got owned by Guass wepaonry and the Land Speeders where quickly targeted before their Melta's took anything worth while down. Vanguard Vets got dropped in and mashed up by Wraiths, Scarabs and some other choppy thing. Dreadnought was left to a pair of legs all I had left was my Captain and Assault Squad who were still in reserve by the end of turn four, when I had nothing on the field.

As for the project itself

I have a set of the Marines from the Black Reach boxed set which will be used to expand the force. Though I doubt the termies will be used much more than an experiment in how to paint my veterans. I need to finish off the first Tactical Squad which is currently consisting of the Sergeant I painted above. He has had some touch-ups since, just some extra highlighting on the Mechrite Rec and Bleached Bone Armour. I've also touched the shoulder Pauldrons with Dave T Hobbit' painting suggestion. So I should post some new images for this in the morning.

In the meantime I need to come up with an effective list against Necrons. I'm also considering a Techmarine with CB for funsies, as well as a few attack bikes with Meltas (possibly instead of land speeders) but will need a distration to stop them getting shot to bits.
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