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Hmm well I was hoping that with both characters having MR2 (so a +2 bonus to any ward save vs. magic) that the knights and warriors are conferred MR2 as well (pg. 72 brb).

The lord has armour of morrslieb and collar of khorne and is mounted with barding and a shield. This nets him a 1+ AS with 4++ vs. non-magical attacks and a 4++ (6+ and MR2) vs. magical attacks. His attached unit of knights also have 1+ AS and 5++ vs. magical (lord's MR2).

The hero/BSB has chaos armour and shield and fury of the blood god. This nets him 3+ AS and 4++ vs. spells (not sure if the additional MR2 stacks with that because of how it's phrased for the FotBG daemonic gift, so it could be 2++ vs. spells based on rules now) and 5++ vs. shooting (Blasted Banner). The warriors get that 5++ vs. shooting (Blasted Banner) and a 5++ vs. spells (hero's MR2).

All that combined I thought seemed pretty good for magic defense for an army without casters. Even w/o a caster I can still attempt dispels. Probably won't dispel suns but if someone is minmaxing to spam IR purp suns, then I probably don't want to waste time on a game vs. someone lacking sportsmanship.

As for the frenzy charging I had hoped to offset that with a LD10 bubble covering everything depending on setup/deployment (lord/bsb/standard of discipline). Guess I could field the lord on foot and get 2 units of warriors in there somehow.

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