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You have no magic and no magic defense. There are too many hexes and direct damage spells out there that will slow you down and cause problems and too much shooting that can kill those expensive units without you having magic defense.

I like seeing the Ogres unit. It is surprisingly good and works in synergy with chaos knights (knights are vulnerable to killing blow but have best AS; while chaos ogres ignore killing blow . The combo of MoK (frenzy, do not panic), chaos armour, and GW makes them much better than Ogre's current Ironguts unit for equivalent points (unless the ogres get a high charge roll and the charge).

Also, while an all-Khorne army can be fun to play it is a pain to win with. You will be taking a lot of tests to restrain charges and will either have to bunker your units tightly together to stay in range of the BSB and general or risk having units baited away, especially if they take out the warhounds early. The other problem is that the chaos knights risk running ahead of the other units, pulling the general out of range.

I understand the Khorne theme, but I'd still max out the ward saves on the leadership unit.

I really think WoC armies need war shrine's and their gift of chaos blessings to be fully competitive in 8th edition (pains me to watch someone rolling and re-rolling the 2D6 and not a great game with the favour of the gods on a character or champ in a unit, but that #12 stubborn and 4+ ward save is a game changer and the war shrine can fight in its own right).
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