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Default 2.5k Blood Bath List...

So thinking about what to do with possible holiday cash and thinking of going WoC Khorne army. My 2 main armies atm are Empire and O&G and was thinking about going into stunties or OK or VC awhile back as a third, but other things took priority back then. Lol I know it will be a big change going from 3 phases down to 1 for Khorne but there's always been that hidden evil urge way inback of mind to play them. Always loved the models and the baroque/gothic feel.

Anyways 2,497 Points...

Lords: 359 Points (14.36%)
Chaos Lord - MoK, Shield, Armour of Morrslieb, Ogre Blade, Collar of Khorne, Chaos Steed

Heroes: 175 Points (7.00%)
Exalted Hero - MoK, BSB, Shield, Fury of the Blood God

Core: 1,108 Points (44.32%)
Chaos Warriors x29 - MoK, EHW, SB, Musician, Blasted Banner
Chaos Marauders x40 - MoK, Flails, SB, Musician
Chaos Marauders x40 - MoK, Flails, SB, Musician
Chaos Warhounds x6
Chaos Warhounds x6

Special: 855 Points (34.20%)
Chaos Knights x8 - MoK, SB, Musician, Standard of Discipline
Chaos Ogres x8 - MoK, SB, Musician, GW, Chaos Armour

Worried I screwed up on the magic items, but reading how magic resistance works on characters and attached units, the warriors and knights should be good vs. magic. So there's no magic, no shooting, just the "Ride 'til we find them, kill them all" mentality. Seems like all the units will be pretty hard hitting in close combat and have LD10 from General/SoD/BSB. Kinda looking forward to converting some ironguts for this endeavour hehe. Took the ogre blade on the lord as a fluff/background element; thinking maybe he bested a bruiser/tyrant in 1v1 awhile back (took his weapon) and the rest of the tribe pledged loyalty to the chaos lord and the blood god in exchange for being allowed to live (or some such thing).

Oh well, thoughts, tips, suggestions, advice, C&C etc are always appreciated.



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