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Originally Posted by Commissar Ploss View Post
electrical heating to start. But we're ducting in the furnace heat eventually. This upcoming summer those garage doors are coming out and glass fronts are going in. slowly but surely.

Slat board on the back wall (the big wall), and sheeting on the insulated one. etc etc. drywall is running too much money right now. Pine is cheaper and still aesthetically pleasing.

Pine is better......Angry nerds can throw chairs pretty far when they lose in magic.....(I wish i could link that but only judges\ organizers can see the page of reasons people have been Disqualified from events rofl)

As for Ducting.... putting it off is a good idea something ALWAYS go's wrong.....Plus electric is easier to control so if there's a fat guy in the corner you can go turn it off in that zone....(The smell from a sweating fat dude is not pleasant if they are playing DND......and not moving for hours)
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