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Originally Posted by Azkaellon View Post
Hmmm dry wall over one of the two bay doors for added warmth in the winter? Those bastards give us trouble all the time at work even when closed......Mind you one is needed to let the "Average" Gamer in *cough*

But looking good so far! You just need the dry wall up, Electrical (please don't do that your self if you don't know how...BBQed ploss smells funny) I do have to ask what kind of heat you guys are using though? (im assuming electric since gas would cost a shit load to set up if the pipeing isnt there)
electrical heating to start. But we're ducting in the furnace heat eventually. This upcoming summer those garage doors are coming out and glass fronts are going in. slowly but surely.

Slat board on the back wall (the big wall), and sheeting on the insulated one. etc etc. drywall is running too much money right now. Pine is cheaper and still aesthetically pleasing.


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