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I agree with Blood_Knight drop the last assault/razorback unit and use those 165pts to upgrade army. Change out lighting claws for power fist on assault sgt that 50pts. Put a Hunter-Killer Missile on the Baal Predators since Assault Cannon got a range of 24inch you may or may not have a target on first turn this give a str 8 shot right off the back to pop light armor like transports for 20pts. At the very least get the Furioso Dreadnought front armor 13 has saved my dreadnoughts more often then a standard dreads 12 only cost you 5 more points. Since your using so many Razorbacks maybe think about upgrade Furioso Dread in a Librarian, 50pts, with Wings of Sanguinius (move up to 12inch) and Shield (cover saves) that way you insure that all your razorbacks get a cover save and dreadnought can keep pace with your attack. And lastly give your Sanguinary Priest power weapons and melta bombs 20pts each. Comes out to 165pts. Good Luck, hopes this helps.

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