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hi guys. Just wanted to mention that this is not a hoax, not a lie, and it's actually happening. I've spoken with Jezlad about this endeavor over the past month or so, and he's thrilled that we've got something going finally. Heresy's most Eccentric mod, along with Heresy's most prolific poster teaming up to bring a great store, international store i might add, to the world. Our 5 year goal is aggressive. and we're setting ourselves up to be the Wayland of the US. Like i said, our products will be available internationally. and now is the best time you've got, and probably the only time an opportunity like this will present itself. It's great. even the 35 dollar investment is worth it. as you'll get 50 bucks worth of product out of it!

anyways, spread the word to your friends and let them know that we're serious. I've got to get back to hanging insulation lol it'll help keep the heat in.

also, we'll be updating you as we go along with photos and video of our progress, so you can keep tabs. I'm posting this up in the general sections of the forum this week, but as supporters, i figured you guys should know about this endeavor first before anyone else.



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