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Default Chique Geek Entertainment, LLC is seeking investors!

Hello Friends, David "Commissar" Ploss here, along with Larry "djinn24" Killian.

As some of you know, and most of you may not, the two of us are opening an online mail order shop along with a brick and mortar hobby/game store in Indiana. We have managed to secure, much to our delight, an awesome location and are now in the process of finishing up the inside renovations and we are attempting to open our doors to the public on the 1st of December. As members of Heresy-Online, you’re all familiar with our special brand of antics here online. So you’ll be pleased to know we’re bringing our pleasant personalities to the masses. Our business is called Chique Geek Entertainment, LLC. And through us, you’ll be able to get all of your Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Yuh-gi-oh! supplies as well as many other games, accessories and supplies. We’re also offering you a chance to become a part of CGE, LLC. Yes, you get to be a part of the success of this business! We’re offering members of Heresy-Online, and the online community a chance to invest in the business and help it grow and flourish. We have many options available for people to get involved. Even if you think you can’t “invest,” you may be surprised, it doesn’t take a lot.

We are offering on a limited basis the ability to invest in the company, and as we grow you will get more and more return on the dollars you have spent. As an investor you would gain the following:

If you invest $1,000 you will see a return of one-half (.5) % profit per quarter for the life of the company*. In addition a person will receive a 30% or cost +15% discount (whichever is more profitable for the company) on all products purchased from the company. If there is a product that would be cheaper without the discount, accommodation will be made to ensure that you are getting a good deal for your money. Also, you will gain membership into the Silver Membership club. While in the club you will receive the chance to pre-purchase items ahead of the general public.

If you invest $5,000 you will see a return of three (3) % profit per quarter for the life of the company*. A discount on all products sold by the company of 40% off or cost +10% (cheapest for the investor that does not generate a loss) on all products sold by CGE. Also by investing in this tier you will gain lifetime membership as a Gold Membership club. The benefits of this are you will receive the chance to pre-purchase items ahead of all others, except for the Platinum Membership. You will also receive full access to the any videos and PFD copies of all books created by Chique Geek Entertainment through the website.

If you invest $10,000 you will see a return of seven and a half (7.5) % of the profit per quarter for the life of the company**. You will be able to purchase all products sold by CGE for cost. Also by investing in this tier you will gain lifetime Platinum Membership. The benefits of this membership include receiving first chance to buy any product that comes into the store. You will also receive a physical copy of all instructional DVDs or books produced by CGE, LLC free of cost.

In addition we will be pre-selling gift certificates at a cost of $35.00 each that mature in six months’ time that will then be worth $50.00. Some rules and restriction apply to this. These gift certificates cannot be combined with any other offers and only towards the full MSRP of the product. There is no limit to how many gift certificates a person can buy. In addition you will get additional bonus gift certificates if you spend over certain amounts.

$175.00 or more = $10.00 bonus certificate

$350.00 or more = $25.00 bonus certificate

We reserve the rights to mature a gift certificate earlier then the six month mark.

Last investment option is a flat 5% over invested monies that mature in one year time. No minimum purchase. In addition we will apply additional interest on the loan per year for the life of the investment loan at a rate of 2% for each additional year passed the first.

(*-** there are some additional stipulations that come with the larger investment options, but you can contact us and ask us any questions you would like about CGE, LLC and it's investment options.)

If you are interested in investing in this endeavor or know of anyone who would like to, you can contact either of us. You can reach me, David "Commissar" Ploss at [email protected], and you can reach Larry "djinn24" Killian at [email protected] .

Please spread the word! Together we can make this endeavor grow and flourish to provide you with the best entertainment products around!


Commissar Ploss

a word from Larry breaking down the investment monies:


See everyone, now is the time to invest! Keep in mind we have NO OVERHEAD. We do NOT pay rent, we do NOT pay utilities. The only bill we have is our webhost, phone, insurance, and minor other things.

If you want an example:

Say you invest $1,000 and gain .5% of the total net profit:

Say we sell $500 a day. Of that 25% is profit so $125 a day.

In a month that would be $3750 and $45,000 a year.

Our yearly payments would be as follows:
$31,200 for salaries
$1,800 insurance
$20 for phone
$50 for webhost
or a total profit of $11,930 a year.
That is a return of about $60 a year.

Now as an online discounter with a brick and mortar retail store our yearly expenses will not go up and $500 a day in sales is really low. Now here is a break down of various daily sales and how it affects profit.

$750 a day is a yearly payout of $176.84 a year for the lowest tier of investment.
$1,000 a day is a yearly payout of $290.90 a year for the lowest tier of investment.
$1,500 a day is a yearly payout of $519.03 a year for the lowest tier of investment.

Now I can not guarantee what our daily sales are going to be but even at only $750 a day you will have your money back in only 6 years and every year after that will be pure profit.

Now let us tell you how we are planning on making our money, because we enjoy making money too and since we are only paid $300 a week most of our earnings will be due to our profits in the company.

Well at $750 a month we will earn about $35,000 in profits. Of that we will be paying about about 20% to investors, 20% will be going into advertisement/contests, 10% will be going into the convention fund, 30% will be going back into new stuff and expansion to the store, the last 20% will be mine and Dave's, which for the first 2 years will be going into company expansion.

As you can see we are going to be pouring over $7,000 a year just into getting more people to buy from us through sponsorship of various websites, podcasts, and local news media.

The reason we are putting $3,500 into the convention fund is to ensure we have the newest and best games coming out as well as connections across the industry to ensure we are getting the best for you.

Over $10000 a year will be to expand the number of SKU or products in the store which will in turn mean more sales, meaning more profit. Now keep in mind the first 2 years we will be putting our profits of $7,000 into the store as well.

Now ask yourself with as much as we are planning on advertising, leg work, and the people we already know do you really think we are going to only maintain an average of $750 a day?

I will be posting a video soon that should explain more issues that people have.
our video progress is below:

The Founding Fields

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