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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Ulrik is looking good as well. The only thing I would recommend is raising him up on something. I used a big rock for mine, because he is a little shorter than the newer minis due to his age and raising him above them means that it is not so noticeable.
Tnx. I will try to do this (if I can loosen him up and away from the base..

The rest.. Thanx for the support..

Ok.. minor update again, and then I won't bother you with the wolves until all 4 are done. Added a base, and some detailing.

Things I'd like to do better (in no special order):
- Glowing eyes... how cool isn't that?
- Urban basing... There are so many ways to do this cool.
- Freehand texting... It can always get smaller...
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