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I field stormtroopers religiously.

Mainly because my army is foot slog guard so it moves... slooooow.

Stormies are my answer to whirlwinds. Units that try and hide from the plethora of weapons in my platoons. Harassing the backfield.

Stormie, more then likely, die. Horribly. The main point is you want them to do something specific. I tailor mine to counter vehicles, 2 meltas a piece.

But, I do throw in 2-3 extra troopers, cause you never know when you are going to want them to shoot down some stupid devastators or to soak up some extra wounds.
I usally field 2 of these squads, throw in marbo, and have a couple squads of outflanking sentinals

They may not make their points back. not the point. You want them to mess up your opponents plan. What MEQ player in his right mind is going to let a bunch of guys with AP3 lasguns walk around his deployment zone? They distract your opponent. Forces his to shoot his longfangs at some stormtroopers instead of a tank.

Also in a tourny you can change up your deployment options. Stormies are an excellent choice in my book.

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