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always outfit them in chimeras to give added protection and still use outflank,scout ability
also slap em into vendettas/valks and use their paratrooper ability.

there is a ton of ways to use them if your wishing to spend the points. but in the end it comes down to the roles they will play, and the tactics of the army

a full scout move army. how would i achieve this? for elites it could be 3 squads of stormies, with troop squads mounted in vendettas/valks, and rush an opponet.

for a gun line, chimera mounted which provides the "harassment" element needed

mobile, chimera of vendetta/valk

overall the options for stormies is actually endless, but it comes back to square 1, what is their role in your army, what is the game plan of the army. and what are the players tactics.

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