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Try them as a suicide Plasma Squad. With a 4+ Save there's only a low risk of blow up, there's 2 to a squad, can deep strike, and with BS4, means that you can actually hit something.

Yeh, I'm afraid that's all I've got, and I know you don't want that. There's just not enough support without gearing your entire army for air-cav that any squad of Storm Troopers is relegated into that role (and according to fluff, perform often very similar roles anyway).

I suppose you could use them to Pin an enemy unit then hit it with a Collossus round or 3?

I run Elysian,s which is sort of different, as I have a ton of Anti-infantry firepower but no real heavy weapons (as I can't take Vendetta's for Transport), and so rely on maximising my other units potential in anti-heavy infantry (Terminators are major pain when all you've got is about 12 Multiple Rocket Pods to take them on with), or vehicle.

WHich is where 2 squads of minimum Storm Troopers come in.

Unfortunately, there's no call whatsoever to use more than 10 Stormies in a Squad when you have spare Elite choices - and you should have spare elites, as there's no unit that's anywhere worth taking aside from for personal kinks in the Guard army - you can just double up on your firepower, and you don't throw 200pts and valuable special weapons away when they land in terrain, get hit by a Demolisher or 3, or mishap in some other way.

Lootas - are they still taken?

As for Long Fangs - you vastly out cost them, so you should beat them - but when you then get blown away by 5-10 Krak Missiles the following shooting phase after wiping them out, you'll have suicided them - exactly the role you seem to want to avoid.

Alternatively, you could run squads of 5 with 2 special weapons in a Chimera, supporting chimera or aircav vets.

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