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Default The Use of Storm Troopers

I have a squad of these guys although I haven't played Imperial Guard since 4th edition. Now that I'm rebuidling my guard army I want to use the Storm Troopers but I'm not sure what to do with them. They have a bunch of special rules and relatively good stats and gear for IG. A lot people will tell you to run them 5-strong as a suicide melta unit but I want to try and get the most out of a 10-man squad because I guess I'm just a sucker for 200 point squads of guardsmen.

With their short range and special deployment rules it's a waste to deploy them in the main line so they should be out there performing disruption and aggressive attacks, but how? I could give them plasma guns and infiltrate them into midfield, or deep strike them onto MEQ that need to die. I could give them meltaguns and outflank them into tanks and weaker backfield support squads (with 8 hellpistols, 2 meltas and 3 attacks on the charge they could probably take down a small devastator or loota squad).

Help me do something with these guys.

*Oops, meant to post in tactics

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