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Oh Tim/Steve, I don't worry about that. I've played two games with that Lord set-up and trust me, if he's anything, he's capable of taking an absolute ass-whopping, whether isolated or not. It's almost better that he's alone so he can avoid running away due to CR.

Originally Posted by paolodistruggiuova View Post
it's a good tactic till you dont think about which kind of unit could be taken out by this tactic...no high I CC specialists cause they'll kill your lord before he strikes (ie genestealers), no inv save CC units (ie terminators) cause they'll take the hit without worrying too much, no high number units cause your lord will be bogged down (ie ork mobs)...
so after all this tactic could be usefull against MSU on transport (kill the razor in the movement phase then charge 5 marines and kill them in 2 assault rounds) or against 10man (at most) units without great CC skills.
I'm not saying killing a razor+unit or a full sized tactical every turn is bad, but you're paying 255pts for that (without orb).
The main beauty of the Lord is that with his Barge he can make five attacks which ignore 3+ saves (two from gauss cannon on barge, three from his scythe) before combat. So already the enemy unit is damaged, he needn't even get out.

But then you say that enemy combat units will kill him/he won't be very good against them? I've learnt from experience that the Overlord is nothing if not tough. And I mean bloody tough. It took a full-strength squad of Sternguard, and a Librarian, and several nearby missile launchers well over six turns to kill him off even with one wound (we decided to continue until he died for the fun of it). With a Res Orb he just gets back up. With 2+ armour basic weapons fail to do much. With 3++ he even shrugs off power weapons. Hell, he's infinitely more tough than the C'tan who was finished off by Heavy Bolters!

What I'm saying is that in general, I don't care what the enemy throws at this guy. He footslogs the table by himself and doesn't care. He gets killed once, twice, maybe three times if I'm lucky, and gets up again. And once he survives an enemy combat phase, he starts tearing up with his S7 power weapon attacks. I won't pit him against TH/SS termies, but even then he'd probably do a fair job, but I will pit him against Sternguard or MCs or isolated infantry. I know, it's situational; few people leave around infantry these days, it seems, that provide easy kill-points. But if no soft targets are available, I'll plump for a hard one; after all, the Overlord is almost certainly harder.

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