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it's a good tactic till you dont think about which kind of unit could be taken out by this tactic...no high I CC specialists cause they'll kill your lord before he strikes (ie genestealers), no inv save CC units (ie terminators) cause they'll take the hit without worrying too much, no high number units cause your lord will be bogged down (ie ork mobs)...
so after all this tactic could be usefull against MSU on transport (kill the razor in the movement phase then charge 5 marines and kill them in 2 assault rounds) or against 10man (at most) units without great CC skills.
I'm not saying killing a razor+unit or a full sized tactical every turn is bad, but you're paying 255pts for that (without orb).
all in all a good option for necron players that's neither overpowered nor overcosted imho
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