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Originally Posted by eyescrossed View Post
*wound one non-vehicle unit they choose at the start of the game on a 2+
The problem with that rule is that it makes every deathmark unit you have wound one unit on 2's, though from reading this it seems that taking one unit is probably the best thing to do anyway.

Sometimes i wonder 'Why is that frisbee getting bigger?', and then it hits me.

Originally Posted by Chompy Bits View Post
If the Imperium found us as we are now, they'd probably declare exterminatus on us purely because of Justin Bieber. Wouldn't want that taint to spread any further than one planet.
Originally Posted by Chompy Bits View Post
The Imperium is crumbling because they're getting attacked from all angles. Why did the Eldar empire crumble? Because they got bored.
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