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The mega Death Company is a fun Datasheet Formation to use in Apocalypse. That's really the only forum that makes sense for them. I've got a 6,000pt Death Company list I have fielded twice. The first time, all the dreadnoughts (8 of them) died in the first turn. Then, the 3 x 30 Death Company squads went to wrecking things and destroyed all the enemy in my zone. However, they failed to capture any objectives, even though we were playing that all units can hold objectives. They just couldn't sit still a turn and had to go rushing off towards the enemy in the next zone over.

The second game, I took hits from a Chaos Titan legion of a reaver and two warhounds, killing about half the list. Then, they all rushed forward and spent the rest of the game trying to kill the titans. I think I ended up killing the warhounds, but lost all my troops before the 4th round was over.

What I'd really like to do, is to start off with a Battle Company. Then, if I take too many casualties, they all go berzerk and I replace them with a Death Company list.
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