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Blood Angels Death Company

I am not a Blood Angels player but am intrigued by the Death Company. I have a few questions for those more versed in the Blood Angels then I am. I have the codex and have read it, but these I just wanted some clarification on.

1) I know that the Death Company is a troop choice (0-1) and is a non scoring unit. but putting that aside, is it possible to build and play an entire DC army. I know if you add Asroth the Grimm the 0-1 restriction is removed.

2) DC can take standard transports (ie Rhino, razorback, drop pod and land raiders) but can they use a storm raven as a transport/heavy support

3) can fast attack/heavy support/etc be used and painted up as DC in a full DC army. I am thinking thing like land speeders, baal preditors, whirlwinds, and vindi's.

4) can DC take TDA? I dont believe they can, but thought I would ask. I think it would be pretty bad ass to see DC TDA with lightning claw(s) and/or storm bolter.

Thanks for your input in this.
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