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A bit of an update, after a evening of rough battle the 597th made it out with a victory. I will be putting a battle report up and linking to it here but for now my brain has to soak up what happened. I will say that you can never have enough las-cannons or heavy weapons. Also hot-shot lasguns are so much fun against space marines.

Now for the update itself I have managed to finish up the valkyrie i had started and added some basic decals. I decided to not do a full body decal on this one since its the first and I wanted this one to look 'normal' for lack of a better word.

I tried to add a bit more wear to it using some devlan mud and badab black washes to wear down much of the metal shiny. I couldn't get the decals to stick so i ended up using some paint to adhere it to the body. if there is a better way I am willing to hear it. Other than that any C&C is welcome!!
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