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Appearance & Composition @ tourneys


Just a quick question on the topic of appearance & composition for an army at a tourney.

I was at my LGS last night and a friend of mine was talking to me about past tournaments he held at his store and how every now and then someone would absolutely complain about how they had the best painted squad, won all their games, and yet didn't come in first. Usually, he said, the individual would not have flocked the base or something to that effect and that they would ask random customers to pick their 5 favourite armies rating them from 1-5, thus preventing the store from having a biased opinion due to it being a random person's rating on appearance. He and another person would take these results and determine ranking with them. He also explained to me that this was but a percentage of an overall scoring that had to do with sportsmanship and other things.

Which brings me to the question of; is it acceptable to have more than one chapter represented in an army? I'm primarily building a Crimson Fist army but happen to have about 10 Ultramarines, painted as such due to the shoulder pads having the moulded U on it, and Telion. In the SM codex, right before unit stats, there is a grey box discussing that not all the following units are from the same chapter and having more than one chapter represented can signify cooperation between two chapters. Is this acceptable on a tourney level? I'd like to know seeing as how I've already painted the Ultramarines and Telion to their specifications.

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