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New Ork Codex

BBQ Boyz.

BBQ Boyz consists of four Ork Boyz and one Gretchin.


Weber BBQ
Various BBQ implements.

BBQ Boyz must be randomly deployed within the battlezone. BBQ Boyz can receive hits and wounds but can not be killed, although if BBQ Boy is hit and suffers a wound the BBQ Boy is allowed to seperate from the rest of the BBQ Squad and is entitled to a free glassing on each of the opponents scoring unit. This automatically causes 1 wound to targeted Glassee.

Each turn on a single D6 Each member of the BBQ Squad consumes the amount of Brewskies. Once a BBQ Boy reaches 24 Brewski points, they are allowed the much vaunted URINATION on the ROSES rule, they then roll a single D6 to indicate how many Brewskis they can urinate on the roses. The Brewskis have no purpose but to annoy opponents

Also the BBQ Boyz must once per game have an all in brawl with opponents HQ, this is covered by the much anticipated "What the fuck you looking at" rule. Intoxicated BBQ Boyz don't like to be stared at, especially when we introduce the BBQ WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends), and we all know that BBQ Boyz get jealously protective of their main squeezes. This rule is enacted with a roll of 2D6, regardless of what is rolled the BBQ Boyz get their arses smacked and return back to their BBQing and drinking.

After the game is finished the BBQ Boyz end the game by shagging their WAGs.

Any thoughts

Ultramarines are Pussies

Except Dark Angels, any chapter that sounds like a Death Metal Band can't be that bad.
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