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Ward writes Codex: Space Sharks

Carcharadons Astra
Home planet: Great White
Planet type: Ocean world
Hammerhead staff: works like a thunder hammer but has a shark's head
Chapter Master: Mako Sharkstein
Special chapter rule: Blood in the water, whenever blood is spilt within 12" of a Space Shark, he will go made with feeding frenzy, gaining Rage special rule, and +1 attacks. The Space Shark cannot make ranged attacks for the remainder of the game.
Space Sharks have a new vehicle called the Storm Shark, very similar to a Storm Raven, but it's much more bad arse cause it looks like a shark.
Space Shark Chaplains are called Shark Priests.
Shark Priests have Littanies of Jaws, instead of Littanies of Hate.
Command Squads of the Space Sharks have the option of upgrading one veteran to a Shark Champion, that is in every way exactly like a Company Champion. But, he's very sharky.
All Space Sharks have jet black eyes, with no white parts. They all have oversized triangular shaped and wickedly pointed teeth. Veterans are called Bulls, Assault squads are called Mako squads, and Devastators are called Great Whites.
Elites choice: Loan Shark, can be upgraded with a Landshark Mount, which gives the Loan Shark +2S, +2 attacks made at initiative 6, cavalry.
Shark Priests double as psychers and have the psychic powers: Ancient Dynoshark (Priest does a wound to every model with a toughness attribute within 12" on a 4+), Call to blood (Priest douses the battlefield with the scent of blood, causing all Space Sharks to go into feeding frenzy as described in special rule "blood in the water"

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