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Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
@Jaysen - so do all other Codex chapters, and other chapters larger than the Blood Angels like the Black Templars and Space Wolves are likely to have more Assault Marine equivalents than the Blood Angels.

As for things going faster - I have no problem with the Overcharged engines - but what makes the Blood Angels "Lucifer" Pattern engines so much more powerful than the White Scars modified Overcharged Engines? As for the "Red Wuns Go Faster", it's not so much about the laws of Physics here, and not even about the rules - the Ork Mentality is simply that if they want it to work, it will do. That has little to do with why Blood Angels mechanics and all their secondary foundings are so much better at making faster engines while the rest of the galaxy is stuck with their relatively shitty engines.
Blood Angels have been close combat specialists for a long while, it's nothing new. In 3rd edition, they all got what was equivalent to furious charge and they randomly charged forward each turn. Since that got nerfed, they needed an advantage to fill the gap, so they gave them more assault squads and assault tactics. In order to sell more models, they added the fast vehicle rule and got rid of the extra "overcharged" engines special rule. I think that has been a trend to get rid of codex specific rules and replace them with something out of the main rulebook. So, out with overcharged engines, in with "fast" vehicles. I have no idea where the Sanguinor, Astorath, and Storm Ravens came from, but they do bring some interesting stuff to the army choices. None are game changers or especially good for their points.

What is a potential game changer for Blood Angels is the ability to remove jump packs and get discounted transports. This makes them so much more pt efficient, that you will rarely see a tactical squad in a BA competitive list.

Now, can we get back on topic? Got any funny homebrew rules or characters?
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