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Originally Posted by Zion View Post
However, that would be someone to be more upset with for a better reason than needing to take a few writing classes.
Exactly. It pisses me off to no end. Yes, Ward can be a horrible writer but at least he's not in it for the money and tries to make the hobby better (although he doesn't succeed a lot of the time).

Some shit that really pissed me off (both found in last year's annual report):
-Mark Wells mentions that in finding the right employees: "The politically correct need not apply."
-Tom Kirby gave himself a 20% pay rise.

And people bitch about Ward.

Really people, are you ignorant or just stupid?

Originally Posted by Aramoro View Post
Russ is a midget, FACT.

In fact the Spear of Russ is not in fact a spear at all, it's just the name given to the occurrence when someone accidently picks Russ up and throws him at someone.
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