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Space Marines Dreads could take paired weapons in second that was phased out 13 years ago. Not until a few years ago could you take a dual weapon aka Mortis pattern dread in a standard game. There are a ton of examples of that going from 2nd to 3rd. What I have been trying to point out to you is since then they have tried to keep everything pretty much on the same page so people would stop having useless models.

Beginning to wonder if you grew up around Ward and he touched you in your no no spot for all the hate you have for the guy, shit fluff, got it and I agree. But his 40k rules have been solid and balanced with what has been published in the last few books.

Silly rule: Create a thread that mentions Matt Ward and roll a 1D6 on a 1-6 get ready for a flame war, on a 7+ it will all be ok.
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