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Default Those one sided games......

Hello guys,
I was wondering does everyone like me have completely one sided games like me? It's either first turn or second turn it's game over or I'm completely smashing them never those good old it could go either way fir instance I went to a tournament on thursday at warhammer world the inqusition wars, I played 3 games all with my deathwing heres the list:


belial - 130
w/ lightning claws


deathwing terminator squad - 235 (sit back and hold objectives)
w/ 1 cml th/ss
1 th/ss
1 th/ss
2 sb/pf

Deathwing terminator squad - 215 (with belial normal land raider)
w/ 4 th/ss
1 lc's

Deathwing terminator squad - 220 (crusader)
w/ 1 hf/pf
1 sb/pf
1 sb/pw
2 th/ss


venerable dreadnought - 160
w/ extra armour
assault cannon

Heavy support:

1 land raider crusader - 265
w/ extra armour

1 land raider - 265
w/ extra armour

I made this myself and cared not for tactics only for fun. So game 1 basic vanilla marines - owned them in by the fourth turn nothing looked into his favour

game 2 dark eldar vehicle spam - I got owned by turn two

game 3 imperial guard mechanized ( i was scared as hell because he palyed deathwing aswell) - owned him 8-1 in kill points

Now onto my club I reguarly play against tau battlesuit spam, mechanized imperial guard, grab what looks cool dark eldar, and grey knights.....
it never ends a draw always going into someones favour quickly really taking out the fun of gaming for me, I have to deal with a tank spam imperial guard army which is just plain boring, being owned again and again then owning him again and again. it's turn two or three that some one has to throw in the towel, tau it's the same, dark eldar player is a person who should really read the rules saying a 12" weapon is 36" again it's always the same. I never face a classic lots of termagaunts army just a nidzilla force. So after me rambling on and anyone who can put up with my crappy writing skills (i'm getting extra support in school for it) is there anyone out there who feels the same way? or am I just a boring ass moaner

thanks for reading dan

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