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This may sound odd compared to all the other mentioned units ....but.

I wish chosen could be better. The only reason I say this is the simple fact they are the linchpin of my army, but hardly come off as veterans and aspiring chaos lords that they are made out to be. Also a lot of the wargear options are restrictively high this late in the game. really 50pts for 2 static pf attacks? Also all the heavy weapons are just as over coasted as for devastators and havocks. Seriously, these days most armies feer auto cannons and bright lances more then a las cannon.

Mind you I would like if they at least had the option to come bare bones like they do with a veteran skill, as I like the role they offer as a mobile assault weapons platform, but they really should have had the option to chose/buy their veteran skill as all chosen getting infiltrate makes very little sense. Example: Are you saying my Khoranate chosen with giant ass bulky CC weapons are masters of stealth, and recon?

Also I am well aware that many other units of greater import are much more in need of revision, but I thought I would mention my woes over chosen do to the fact that I spent 40+ hours building/painting my 25+ strong urban commando style chosen. Who come complete with urban camo patches and gas masks, and a absurd amount of assault weapons.

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