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Default Units You Just Take Anyway

Hey guys.

I'm just curious if anyone has a Unit that they take regardless of how un-competitive, ill priced or generally crappy it may be.


1. What is the Unit?

2. How many points are invested in it in and typically in what size games.

3 Why do you insist on taking it?

At the moment, I don't have such a unit (cheater!!!) as I play Chaos Deamons and I kind of just play different units with 3-4 permanant cores.

BUT in teaming with my nephew for his Tau army I was glad to see he has inherited my sense of uncompetitivity (is that a word?) as for his final 1500pt army he intends to use a 6 Drone Stealth Suit Markerlight Team AND an Etheral. Using up about 450pts out of 1500 on ... well ... crap.
I'm so proud of him
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