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I never said that the kroot didn't find a place in the codex, or even that I didn't like them the way they are. Personally it would make me sad to see them as anything but a rapid-firing infiltration squad that dies when glanced at. It's how I like them. But I can see why people want them to be better.

They have a fairly decent fluff and had some great rulesets that made them shine on their own. They get a lot of credit in the books and I know in Rogue Trader it is my favorite class to play as. (Altough my GM refuses to let us run xenos characters often)

They could be a lot better if they were allowed decent upgrades. Keep the base cost the same but with a shaper, hopefully at a decent price, can give the unit upgrades to make them more than just a sacrificial lamb even with raising unit cost.

But with most things wrong with the Tau codex, it's basically too little options at too high of a price.

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