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You should drop the Land Raider, its too expensive in a 1500pt army. You could get 3 Obliterators for that price.
Why do you have 2 Fist and a ChainFist with your Termis and that overpriced AutoCannon?
Drop The size of the Termis to 3 and give them 3 Combi-Melta and 1 ChainFist and Deep Strike them near your opponents heavy artilleri. It's the best way to run your Terminators if you don't have them in a Land Raider.
You're not scared of rolling 1's with all those Plasma's on your chosen? I would equid them with melta instead. Right there got a shorter range, but can instant kill thing with T4.
Khárn are fun to play but pretty risky if he is in a unit without invulnerable saves. If he assault with the Zerks and let's say roll four ones, you almost sure of loosing 4 Zerks.
Your DP why don't he have a mark? Mark of Nurgle or Tzeentch for either T6 or 4++ save.
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