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Originally Posted by MadCowCrazy View Post
Like I said, when I handed my document to Ben at Games Day he told me that it then and there became GW property and I explained that I did not care, that all I wanted was for them to read it through and perhaps, just perhaps they would consider something I had written. I wrote the document because I want to help GW make the best possible SoB codex that they can. I got the impression they did not know in what direction to take the codex and I put my own thoughts to paper and handed it over. If you check out my video on youtube from games day you will hear my thoughts a few seconds after handing my document to Ben. In the end it's all up to GW, we dont know what they have planned for the codex or the direction they intend to take the army. In the end all we can hope is that they create a good codex with allot of interesting units and fluff.
Hi MCC, I did try and reply to you the other day but the site kept dropping and I got fed up in the end. Anyway, I just wanted to say fair comment to your reply regarding ownership...I wasn't actually aware that GW had such a clause to submitting IP for their own use.

Does that clause also state that you can no longer re-produce or publish the content submitted? Just curious is all.

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