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Thanks to some unexpected free time, I could finished the translation today. I'd still be glad if someone who also speaks German, would look over it, so I didn't do any major mistakes. (I suspect those extra lines are also present on the Spanish and Italian homepages, but that's just from comparing text length and email-address positions, rather than me actually being able to read it!?)

This is the mentioned section of GW's submission policy translated by me, from the German GW homepage:
I have an idea, which I think Games Workshop should further develop
Sometimes people approach us with ideas. If you read this page, you might have one yourself; but before sending us your concept, you should definitely read the guidelines listed here:

I had a bright idea! Should I submit it to Games Workshop?
Although we encourage Creativity and always enjoy hearing from our hobbyists, we do not use unsolicited concepts, sent to us. In England we maintain one of the biggest design studios, that is filled to the brim with creative people, whose full-time job it is, to fight alongside Space Marines, conjuring Demons and whacking Goblins and to develop new projects or further develop existing ones. This means, we have a busy schedule and projects are worked on years before release. So we neither have the requirement or the capacity, to study offers or concepts from outside.

What happens if I submit my idea nonetheless?
We deeply advise you not to, for the reasons stated above and below. We will not have time to adequately review your idea either way - Goblins do not whack themselves!

Note in particular, that by submitting you automatically assign all intellectual property rights in it to us
This means, that Games Workshop is given ownership of your submission and exclusive rights to use your submission for any purpose. Please do not make a submission if you do not agree to this.

Will Games Workshop send back my submission?
We can not promise, to send back unsolicited submissions.

Will I receive an answer?
Unfortunately we can not answer unsolicited submissions or give any feedback. But if you want to talk to us, about your latest hobby project, you may speak with us at our Games Days around the world or chat with us in Bugmans Bar.
I noticed a slight difference in philosophy on submissions, between this and the reply MCC got!

As for the courage bit. Yes, I did not really feel encouraged, sharing ideas with GW, when first reading those lines. But to be honest, a far greater reason I'm not confident about sending ideas about 40K anywhere, is, that I couldn't even get someone here at heresy interested in any of my ideas. (Yeah, I probably shouldn't be the one to complain, as I'm not exactly the most encouraging type either)
And of cause the huge amount of time it takes me, to translate my ideas not only form German into English, but also from my thoughts into speech in general!

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