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Originally Posted by Grogbart View Post
(MCC, was German among the many languages speak?)
No, sorry. I only speak or understand all the scandinavian languages and english so I'm not of much use there. I do understand a bit of german but I am by no means fluent or literalistic in the language.

As for my courage? I just dont want to sit here and brood over how much I dislike this rule or that pointcost, I'd rather voice my concerns, put them to paper and send them in. I've been told they read everything they get but I think it's more like skimming over everything they get, so if you want them to actually read something you submit I would suggest you pace it well. Basically a wall of text gets tiresome really fast, imagine a codex without a single picture, just text. So I suggest you put some pictures in there, space everything into small readable segments and organise everything so that you talk about one problem in one part of your text and not have it split up here and there. The most important part is to be objective in your criticism, if you just say everything sucks and GW dont know what they are doing your submission will be thrown in the trash before the first page has been read. Criticism is good, it's what makes things better but you need to explain why something doesn't work or is bad and if possible provide a solution to the problem. If all else fails try to bribe them, I sent a chocolate bar with my first submission, simply so that Robin would have something to eat while reading the document. This is also a way to make sure they reply, who could accept some nice tasty chocolate without thanking the person who sent it? :D

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