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This is the second time you got a positive response from sending in suggestions, isn't it? Congratulations, MCC!

Having read GW's (German) statement about submitting ideas, I was wondering about your courage to send them, getting a replay and even more so a positive one!

When looking at the English version I noticed the whole passage about "I've got an idea..." is missing from the submission policy (GW homepage, "Contact us" bottom right, "submission policy" point 15 on the left).

I ain't got the time translating it today, but let me tell you, it's a rather 'friendly' advise not to send them any ideas.
I'd be glad if someone could reaffirm this and maybe even help me with a translation tomorrow, as my English isn't the best, especially with such juristic expressions. (MCC, was German among the many languages speak?)

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