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By definition you can't be wrong if it is your opinion.

Mostly I was just curious as stated above, and thinking about ideas myself of how to do it better.

Repentia Mistress has no current purpose in the WD Dex, she does nothing to control the unit. I thought she might provide anti-Rage until they are involved in their first assault, and then be perma-Raged after that. I also thought that the current faith powers really need to be able to be used in the opponent's turn. I also agree on the power whips the mistress uses, but overall the repentia themselves should be the hard hitters so it didn't bother me much. It just bothered me that the Mistress did nothing to control the unit at all.

Might be at the heart of it all they want to not only remake the current models, but introduce at least a few new choices for units. Other than something like the Repressor vechicle I can't really think of units that would fit well in the army without detracting from the sisters. I suppose it does mean changing them at least that far to put new units in game, but in reality they have the basic functions already (except maybe a vehicle fixing unit, but they are not used much or popular in armies).

Thanks for writing the document and sending it in. Anything that may help speed a real codex along is appreciated.

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