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I play Daemonettes in almost every list, and they crush stuff every time. If you have the models, play them and see how you like them. Sure they are only STR3 and Toughness3, but on the charge they rape hard, and are rending, which turns average killyness into maximum beast-mode killyness. I would suggest consolidating them into two larger groups though. The heralds of Slaanesh are of course sub-optimal for super cookie-cutter boring cheese competitive lists, but they can be fun in a unit of Daemonettes with might. You can also give them Daemonic gaze for some BS3 shooting fury before you assault : (it's worth noting they are AP3 shots too)

I'd play your original list any day for funsies. I might drop the 4 horrors and add in some fiends with the points to get a little extra CC killyness.

As for a CC prince, Nurgle prince is King. Tim/Steve's build is what I run on mine


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