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Originally Posted by Entarion View Post
MadCowCrazy: Hello. I actually dont know that you wrote this document but this post caught my eye! I am really looking forward to new Sisters but I am quite afraid = new GK (totally dissappointed )
I thought that Fall will bring new Sisters but I was suprised by leaked pictures of new Necrons. So you think that sisters are planned more later? For example next summer ?
I would like to know more about this document you wrote. What is it about if you can be more specific. Thank you in advance for your answer
Since they came out with the WD dex I see no reason for them to publish a proper book with models any time soon. I fear that we are in for a very long wait before the Sisters get the codex they deserve. Blood Angels had to wait 3 years before they got a proper codex, does this mean the Sisters will get a new codex in 3 years?
Personally I'm hoping for a release within 2 years but you never know, I wonder if all space marine codices will get updated again before the Sisters get a proper book, it wouldn't surprise me.

What the rumours say is basically that after Necrons there might be 1 codex released before 6E and that once 6E hits it will be Black Templars vs Chaos Legions (new CSM book) in the starter set. A starter set with 2 space marine armies in it... as if the market wasn't already flooded with sm models.
Anyway, after this there are rumours on Tau and Eldar.

Here is my personal guess.
Black Templars
Chaos Legions
Dark Angels
Space Marines
Blood Angels
Space Wolves
Chaos Daemons
A new space marine army
WD update for Sisters of Battle
7th Edition

It's actually not unlikely. If GW could get away with it they'd have a codex for every single Space Marine Chapter. This would on the other hand lead to codicies getting updated once every 30 years.
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